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Investigation and evidence gathering in support of litigation.

Increasingly, police forces are reluctant to accept new cases unless they are presented as an evidential package in order that they, and the CPS, can assess whether the criteria in the Code for Crown Prosecutors is met in terms of sufficiency of evidence and chance of successful prosecution. We have wide ranging experience in investigating commercial fraud, perpetrated both from outside and within organisations, as well as investigations into other types of crime. Two of our Directors, for example, are Members of the International Association of Arson Investigators. We can also assist our clients with any violation of company policy or ethics. We have a proven track record in protecting organisations from the damage potential, both financial and reputational, of fraud attack.

Asset tracing and recovery.

The most successful outcome in trace and recovery investigations relies on extensive and proven experience in this field. It is a highly specialised activity that requires equally high levels of skill. In order to expose corporate structures and follow money flows across international boundaries, a broad network of contacts is needed with the ability to access the necessary information. Having identified hidden assets, there must also be the ability to take legal action to restrain. LSG has established these networks and can offer a thoroughly professional service.

Due diligence enquiries.

Crucial in connection with mergers and acquisitions and joint venture partnerships, these enquiries require not only integrity and assured confidentiality, but also the ability to identify potential problems which are not initially obvious. LSG have the necessary resources and skilled consultants to examine the business interests, commercial track records and reputation of potential business partners. We also carry out background checking in employee recruitment.

Counter fraud and money laundering assessment and solutions.

In a commercial environment that is increasingly vulnerable to fraud attack, strategic guidance on fraud counter-measures is the most effective route to prevention. LSG’s aim is to ensure that clients are protected by the very best possible systems to detect any potential fraud or money laundering at its earliest stage. We perform an initial “health check”, whereby we look objectively at the preventative, monitoring, reporting and training systems in place and If we find areas that are vulnerable to attack, we advise how to improve procedures to counter the perceived threat. We are also able to offer training to ensure that our clients’ business is conducted in a safer environment that is compliant with all regulatory and legislative requirements.


Covert investigation.

In certain circumstances, the most effective solution in gathering intelligence or evidence of wrongdoing is through undercover operations. This type of activity requires the use of investigators who have been trained and are experienced in covert operations. LSG can offer undercover infiltration into the workplace in order to gather evidence and intelligence on criminality. We have experience of placing specialists in banking and commercial enterprises as well as in warehouse and retail environments. We have undertaken sensitive undercover operations in a wide range of situations. We have full surveillance capability, both in the UK and in a number of foreign countries.

Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures (TSCM)

TSCM is a vital component of any organisation's security response. Companies which value their confidential and strategic information (intellectual property) need to ensure that they are not vulnerable to the loss of such property to competitors. LSG’s professional TSCM team, comprising specialists with military and communications backgrounds, work closely with clients to build up a full understanding of any current or potential threats. We can deploy the latest TSCM specialist equipment using our qualified operators. The importance of combining the team's extensive experience with a full and comprehensive physical search, a time consuming task often overlooked or even omitted by others operating in this field, cannot be overestimated. After an initial consultation, we provide a full report which will identify any illicit devices found, highlight areas of weakness within the company’s structure and make recommendations for the improvement of the defences against intrusion.

Insurance Claims Investigation

LSG consultants have many years experience of investigating suspected fraudulent claims ranging from Motor Vehicle to Personal Injury and Accident cases and through our associates can offer similar services for Marine and Major Loss claims.  For example, two of our directors are members of the International Association of Arson Investigators (IAAI) and have investigated losses exceeding £50 million in close consultation with the London Fire Brigade and Metropolitan Police.  As a bespoke, client focussed company we can provide a personal, comprehensive and efficient service to meet your insurance investigation needs.

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